range oven cleaning


Treat Your Oven to the Spa Treatment it Deserves..

Range Oven Cleaning Service, Bristol

A Range Oven is a wide based oven usually with two large ovens and a separate grill compartment, some will have a pan holder as well. All Ranges come with a hob on top which can be electric or gas

Included in a Range Oven clean:

  • All of the racks
  • Back panel (if fan oven) which is removed and placed into the dip tank on our van
  • Fan removed and cleaned by hand
  • Deep clean the original grill pan
  • Seals removed and placed into the dip tank
  • Light bulb covers cleaned
  • Any removable self cleaning sides removed so we can clean behind them
  • Door removed and where possible split so that all sides of the glass are cleaned thoroughly. If the glass can be totally removed from the door this will be placed in the dip tank. If not, it will be cleaned by hand
  • A thorough deep clean of all the enamel parts of the inside of the oven including all accessible parts of the roof, using flat edged razor blades, degreaser, oven paste, scourers, wire tooth brushes, sponges and micro fibre clothes
  • A thorough clean of the outside of the oven and any stainless steel parts cleaned with our professional stainless steel cleaner
  • All dials and knobs cleaned
  • Hob cleaned including the round discs, pan holders and aluminium burners. If ceramic all built in carbon rings removed and class cleaned to a high shine
  • Re-assemble oven and carry out a check