gas hob burner


Transform Your Tired Hob: Let’s Banish the Grease and Grime!

Gas Hob Cleaning Service, Bristol

From the edges of your aluminium gas burners to the intricate crevices within the jets, our cleaning process reaches every corner. We use wire toothbrushes and degreasers to tackle grease, debris, and food particles, ensuring your hob operates optimally.

All hobs are charged depending on how many burners you have.

Included in a Gas Hob clean:

  • All pan stands and burner discs will be placed in our dip tanks where possible. Some may have to be cleaned by hand
  • All flat surfaces degreased, on enamel surfaces we use a sharp, flat edged blade to remove stubborn carbon. On stainless steel greater care is needed using degreaser and soft cloths. Stainless Steel Hobs will be treated with professional stainless steel cleaner. Both surfaces will be polished up to a high sheen
  • All aluminium gas burners removed and degreased around the edges. On top all parts that can be reached, grease and debris brushed away with a wire toothbrush
  • Inside the jets all food particles/debris will gently be removed with a wire toothbrush
  • All knobs removed where possible and degreased. We can then degrease the surface where the knobs sit more easily
  • All dials and knobs cleaned
  • Retrieve the pan stands and burner discs from the dip tank and re-assemble the hob. All burners will be ignited to make sure they are working correctly

Before & After Cleaning