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Outright Oven Cleaning Can Help Relive the Burden of AGA Scouring Time!

AGA Rayburn Cleaning, Bristol

This is a country style oven where the oven is constantly on keeping the kitchen warm. The clean of an AGA/Rayburn is very time consuming and not rushed at any point. Every detail of the clean is precise leaving it looking like new. Please be aware they will need to be turned off 24hrs prior to cleaning.

An AGA/Rayburn is more concentrated on the cleaning of the outside of the oven.

Included in an AGA Rayburn clean:

  • Strip oven of racks, rings from the hot plates and spring handles from the lids. These are placed in the dip tank
  • Degrease under the lids, the top and the sides polishing off the lid with chrome and steel cleaner
  • Degrease all of the flat surface on top of the oven with sharp, flat edged razor blades, degreaser and micro fibre cloths. The use of a handheld steamer is also used to break down the grease
  • A handheld steamer is used to clean the front of the AGA and polish up with tile and mirror cleaner
  • The inside of the ovens are brushed out with a large wire brush and swept out with a dustpan and brush
  • Replace all parts that were put in the dip tank

Before & After Cleaning